Monday, August 1, 2011

Sidewalk & Porch

Hey e-neighbors!  Didn't plan on going up today but was in the area for something else, so I figured I would stop by.  The sidewalk & porch cement were done today.  Our neighbors are watering their lawn so our house is getting a shower.  I didn't even notice the sidewalk until walking away from the house when I realized there was something solid there that wasn't there before (yea, I'm losing it)

If you notice, there is no trim piece over the 1st floor window.  I believe this is because the piece that originally came was mangled and probably had to be thrown out.  They're probably waiting for the new piece to come.  I think I recall a piece of trim in the garage pretty beat up along with some cracked up shutters.

As far as inside the house, looks like the final touches on the  drywall were completed today.  It's nice and sanded down.  Also, for the 1st time the floors were cleaned up pretty good.  Had our update with our PM today and the schedule for this week is as follows:

(I could have these mixed up so don't hold me to it)

Monday - Drywall final sand / finish
Tuesday - Walls sprayed with Primer
Wednesday - Cabinets In
Thursday - Trim In
Friday - Tile (really?  already?)  wow


  1. It looks great and you are flying right along!!!

  2. Wow! I really like your stacked stones! They just put in our side walk and driveway skirt as well! Great pics!