Friday, August 5, 2011

Tile Freakout!

As I was looking at the pictures of the tile in the kitchen, I started to think it didn't look right.  It looks too dark / brown.  It was really bothering me, so much so I drove 44 miles back to the house.  As point I'm convinced the wrong tile is being put it.  I find a box for the kitchen tile, and it said SD94 Dorian Grey, the correct tile.  So why does it look so brown?

Left Picture: Tile under fluorescent lighting
Right Picture: Same tile under normal light-bulb, less bright too.

Apparently, the tile looks completely different depending on the type of lighting used.  When I took the pictures earlier at the house (see post "Tile 1") the workers had a single halogen work light, on the floor as ambient light.  Combine that and the flash for fill, and the tile looked really dark and even brown.

I'm really glad I went back up to find out one way or the other what was going on.  We selected recessed lighting in the kitchen, so brightness shouldn't be an issue.  The tint of the bulbs might be.  Not sure yet.  Just glad the right tile is going in!

PS - I owe my PM an apology for the flurry of freak-out texts.


  1. Wow. The lighting does make a difference!

    I'm sure once it's all up and your electricity is working all will be just fine. =)

    Sorry you had a "moment". But I think we've all had a few of those. I think PMs expect them at the is point, at least 1-2, per customer. lol

    Glad you go it all figured out. And like I said, I'm sure it's going to look great once it's all said and done!

  2. is crazy how different lighting can change the look that much. Tuck this away for reference...the recessed lights will have CFL bulbs, but there are at least 4 different kinds of white(Bright White, Cool White, Soft White, and Daylight) may need to change what comes with your home to get the desired tile color. Lowe's has a display in the lighting section with the 4 different ones so you can see the difference.