Friday, August 5, 2011

Tile 1

Hey everyone.  Went up to the house later today, when I got there, it was getting dark and the workers inside were still going strong.  After waiting for a while, I figured I would go in for pictures, and if there was too much going on, I'd head out.  The contractors there were doing tile in both full baths & the kitchen.  Only snapped a few pictures so I could get out of their way.  They were really nice, looked like they were doing nice work too!  Tile looked nice! See for yourself.

Owner's bath - Shower

Owner's  Bath - Soak in Tub (Sorry it's not the best picture, didn't want to be in the way)
LOVE the accent tile!

Hall Bath - Tub Tile & Ivy Listello (pre-grout)

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  1. Okay, I saw your tile "freak out" post first. But I got to tell you, it all looks really good!! Great Choices!!