Monday, August 29, 2011

Counting Down

Just about 15 days before closing.  We had a wedding Saturday and Irene came through fairly uneventfully.  We lost power for about 12-hours which gave us great motivation to make progress with organizing & packing.  Haven't been up to the house since the 'storm' but don't expect there to be any trouble.  Hopefully the basement stayed dry.  Starting to develop the plan for the actual move as well as the pre-move projects we want to get done before the  moving truck comes with all the furniture.

Here is a short list of things we want to accomplish between closing & the move (2 1/2 days).  I'm taking a few days off work so hopefully

  • Garage
    • Sand Drywall / Joint Compound
    • Primer / Paint
    • Prep floor for concrete epoxy
    • Paint floor epoxy w/ sprinkle stuff
    • Utility Sink Prep
    • Garage Door Opener (Doubt we'll get this far)
  • Bedroom
    • Chair rail (Hopefully)
    • Paint
    • Install Ceiling fan
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms
    • Seal Granite
    • Seal Grout
  • Family Room
    • Install in-ceiling surround sound speakers


  1. what garage door opener are you getting. We actually found a sticker on our garage door from the company that installed the doors with pricing for installing garage door openers. Liftmaster belt drive openers with pricing better then Home Depot or Lowes and they will do the installation while we are at settlement so they will be ready to go.

  2. I went with a Chaimberlain Belt Drive. Got it from Sears online. I was able to double dip discounts by using credit card rewards points to get a 20% off Sears Gift Card as well as stalking the price when they had a good price plus free shipping. A friend is going to help me install it, hopefully it won't be much trouble.

    The belt ones are supposed to be quiet so we'll see!

  3. Good call....the Liftmaster is made by Chamberlain...I believe it is their non-retail division of the company...Belt Drive is definitely the BEST...our installer said they just switched to the newest version which also has a DC drive motor which supposedly uses 75% less energy when not being used, although 75% of not a lot is not really a big number. All kinds of cool features though...I was telling my wife and I think my wife thought I was nuts...she was giving me that look like: It's a garage door opener...what else does it need to do besides open and close the door...LOL

  4. We got a chamberlain too! (whisper drive)

    The fans and sealing of the granite and grout are a must!! Everything else seems like great goals to have, but remember, if you don't get them done immediately, you have time after the move!

    GL! I can't believe you're so close already!

  5. Ours in the Chamberlain Whisper Drive also.

    I definitely want to get the garage stuff done ASAP because I don't want to have to take a bunch of stuff out of the garage multiple times for projects. It's ambitious but doable I hope!

  6. You are definitely right there...get the garage stuff done while the garage is empty...if you are like us, it may never ever be empty again :)

  7. Hey Gregg: I've heard that you aren't supposed to paint/seal the concrete until it has completely cured. I have no idea when that is, but we mentioned doing that to our PM and he told us to wait a bit. So, you might want to check into that before spending a lot of time with that epoxy. I want a shiny, clean concrete floor in the garage AND basement too, but I think we will be waiting a bit.

  8. RR: I looked into that. The FAQ for the product I'm using "QUIKRETE Concrete Epoxy" says to wait 60 days. Since construction started in June, we're already passed that. I would guess it's longer for concrete that is exposed to the elements but I think I'll be OK for the garage. When I anticipate actually working on this project, we'll be close to 100 days since the concrete went in. Hopefully I'm right.

  9. thanks gregg. Looks like you are already well informed! Don't forget to post pictures after you are done so we can admire you handiwork. :)