Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cabinets & Trim 1

Ok people, I gotta catch up to you all with your trim and cabinets!  Here we go...

Kitchen cabinets bathroom vanities / mirrors installed.  Railings, Floor & Door trim around the whole house.  The marble base for the fireplace is staged.  Couple doors on the cabinets were busted, so I guess this happens often and they'll have new doors on.  Was also really nice to see the trim package we paid extra for.  I might have skipped this and done it myself, but it looks nice.  Just not sure it was worth the $216 (don't quote me, but that amount sticks out).  On the exterior, the column for the porch is in.


  1. Wow, we can't believe how fast your house is going up. You have 41 days left and they are already installing the cabinets. We are at 33 days and just had the cabinets installed. We are surprised to see that they installed the cabinets prior to priming and/or painting the walls. Everything looks good...thanks for sharing and we look forward to the next update.

  2. I was expecting the walls to have the priming done before the cabinets or even the trim. I've seen everyone's pictures and they've all got priming at this stage. Guess we'll see!

    One thing we noticed was that there didn't appear to be any wiring for the outlet on the island. We did not get the Gourmet island. The PM assures me the electrician will run an outlet there. I'm going to look over the diagrams to make sure it's standard.

  3. I agree with are flying right the latest estimate we are about 46 days out and our cabinets, doors, and trim were just ordered and we haven't even started insulation yet.

    As for the outlet on the island, I would keep a real close eye on them with that...the wiring for the standard and the extra that we added have both been in place since the electric was all put in...they have been sitting on the floor all coiled up.

  4. I double checked the floor plan with the electrical layout and it clearly has an outlet on the "Optional Island". Our PM told me that will be put in when the electrician comes back for other wiring. We'll see.