Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panaramic Pics

Spoke with our PM on Friday.  He was in the hallway of our house looking for the creaking floor, which was occurring prior to the hardwood being installed.  Over the phone, I tried to explain where the noise was coming from and he couldn't find it.  I went up Saturday, found the noise, made a video from my cell of the noise.  I also taped a small piece of paper to the area the noise comes from.

I stole this idea from another blogger.  There is an 350 degree panaramic app for my phone, let's you take pictures of  multiple areas and it combines them.  Sometime it works, sometimes it puts things in the wrong place.  Click on them to see them better.


  1. Ok, what is this app you all have?!?

  2. The app is called 360 Panarama and it's free. Takes a little getting used to (as evidenced by some of the mistakes above) but it's pretty cool. Can't complain for FREE :)