Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shutters Painted

Finally some pictures to show.  Nothing earth shattering but progress!  Shutters are painted "Old Colonial Red" and the replacement trim piece over the Living Room window came in and was installed.  Trim & front door still needs to be painted.

See comments below the threshold pics, I have questions for you bloggos.

Little pieces of blue tape all over the place.  Presumably for final touch-ups.

Threshold between upstairs laundry and  hall carpet.  The flash makes the carpet and tile look much darker than it really is.

Now this is the wooden threshold between the basement stairs and kitchen tile.  There is also wooden threshold between the kitchen tile and family room carpet.  Does this strike any of you as odd?  I'm looking into it now, but I'm almost certain I had a conversation with the PM about marble thresholds being put in.


  1. I'm not sure about the threshold thing. I don't have tile floors. The wood is pretty though. But the marble is nice too. Make sure you're getting the right thing. Let us know what your PM says.

    You have different lights in the upstairs hall than we do.

    Also, you have a solid laundry door. Is your Hvac in the basement by chance? Our is in a separate room off the laundry, therefore we had to have a slated door for the laundry door.

  2. Our PM says that the wooden 'baby' threshold is standard. What bothers me about it is that we have beige-ish-gray carpet up against beigh-ish-gray tile. Then between them, you have a hardwood colored threshold. There is no hardwood near by (cabinets of a different color?) so it's a very sharp contrast in colors. I'm OK with the one by the basement stairs because it matches the railing and looks good.

    So your HVAC is in the laundry room? Where is your hot water heater? We have a mechanical room that is part of the basement behind the stairs.

  3. Laundry room.

    When you walk into the laundry room there is door on the left. Open it and you get a little room with HVAC and hot water heater.

  4. I wonder if you have a smaller bathroom-side Walk-in closet to account for the extra space the mechanical would need. I can't find a floorplan of the basement-less version of the Milan so I can't tell how they do it. We have a large duct that cuts off part of the laundry room, I imagine you wouldn't need that?

  5. The warm color of the window blinds is perfect for the color of your house. I also love the kitchen furniture. The wood is very beautiful. Your house looks amazing!

  6. Hi, we are beginning the process of building our Milan in Maryland. Can you please tell me what color your cabinets and the granite name for your kitchen? Im building from afar and have been searching for examples of the colors I picked and yours look very closed to my selections for the kitchen. thanks