Sunday, June 26, 2011

Foundation Wrap

Was hoping for, but wasn't expecting the foundation walls to be coated with tar.  In addition there is also a foundation wrap applied to the sections adjoining living space.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Construction has Begun!

The hole for the foundation has been dug. Also the border of the foundation has been laid out. Very excited that it's actually started. 

On a side note, we were given a new set of swatches to pick from for siding colors. Our division has decided to switch supplier / brand for siding, they're going to a brand called Plygem. What I liked about the sample was that it had more texture than the previous. When we were originally deciding on color, we drove through a recent Ryan homes community and ran into an owner, she pointed out that the darker shades of siding show bumps and warping. You could see it pretty bad on the Khaki colored houses and darker. The bumps appear on the lighter shades, but they're much harder to see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pre-Construction Meeting

Pre-construction meeting was today.  We met the project manager and reviewed our master selections.  This went pretty smoothly.  This is the meeting you find out that if you want anything changed, break out the "Custom Change Order" form with a lofty cost.  The only thing we found out about today (that we didn't already have previous knowledge of) was that the garage is not insulated.  To meet energy star requirements, walls of living space have insulation, but not the exterior walls of the garage.  I had assumed (incorrectly) that the energy star requirement would mean that they would have to insulate this wall, obviously I was mistaken.  In hind-sight, we can always take down the sheet rock and do it ourselves before painting, if we need to.  That is to be determined.

We also went through and verified the location of all the celing fan rough-ins and additional outlets.  We're putting three extra outlets in the garage for things like tools and Christmas lights.

I plan on taking pictures every week throughout the process so look forward to seeing those.