Sunday, August 7, 2011

Driveway & Tile 2

Figured I'd take another trip up before lockout happens.  The tile work has completed.  Couldn't get floor pictures of the kitchen because all the tile is covered up.  Was able to snag an image of the tile in the powder room (Same as kitchen, mudroom).  Everything else pretty straightforward.

Owner's bath soak-in

Owner's bath Shower

Hallway / Railing from Loft


Kitchen / Mudroom / Powder Room tile.  For some reason, the flash makes it look darker, more brown than it really is.  Will look sharp in though :).

Nice view of the open floorplan.


  1. NICE!! We had to close the loft in for a 4th bedroom. That'll be nice to have. =) And you have a basement! You guys have no idea the costs of basements here. (unfinsihed about $28,000). So jealous of those. Where are the stairs for the basement? Mudroom?

    Anyway, love all your tile! Looks beautiful!

  2. I can't get over how much basements cost for you. Are you below sea level or live on clay?

    You were right, the stairs are in the mud-room, opposite of the powder room door. The only thing that bothers me about it is that the basement & garage doors open towards each other, so there is no clear path from the garage to the basement and you can't open both doors at the same time. Maybe I can flip the basement door to open from the other side.

  3. lol NOpe. Just in the south. From my understanding they have to dig so deep up north anyway when building house, something to do with a freeze line or something. Down here, they don't. *shrugs* We only get one good snow a year. And from my understanding, because they essentially have to dig pretty deep anyway, turning it into a basement isn't nearly as big deal. Thus the cost is much different than here, where they only dig it out if you want it. And then, it's gonna cost you.

  4. We have a closet where your basement stairs are. Doors open the same way you describe. We just keep the closet door shut. But if you are using your door a lot, you could always switch it.

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