Friday, August 19, 2011

Overall Update

  • House Progress
    • Cleaning people were finishing up when I arrived.  They had removed a lot of the random construction trash / odds & ends.  The granite & cabinets looked cleaner.  
    • Cardboard over the hardwood was removed.
    • I had reported a creaky joist / floor in the 1st floor hall by the closet.  It was fairly loud and easy to find.  The PM said it would be taken care of before flooring went in...  I don't know how they're going to fix it now, the ideal thing would have been to fix it while it was just sub-flooring.  I believe a few well placed screws would have solved the problem.  Now that the hardwood is down, I'm not sure how they're going to fix it.  Waiting to hear back from the PM.
  • Mortgage Progress
    • Got a call from the loan officers assistant who is collecting the documentation.  They needed some updated statements.  Also, had to re-do a couple of forms because of quality lost in a fax.  Nothing big.  The phone call was probably about 40-minutes long.
    • They ran our credit and we came up 1-point shy of hitting the next threshold for a better rebate point.  Our loan officer ran a credit simulator and found that if we pay off two items (a smaller student loan, and the current balance on a credit card) that they could run a rapid-rescore to recalculate our credit score.  Hopefully this works and all goes to plan, if not we have a little less debt to pay off.  We're not talking thousands of dollars.
    • Closing is on-schedule, which is good because I've got all these crazy plans for the few days before the actual move.

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