Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Update (for real this time!) Before Vacation

Wasn't planning on heading up tonight but I had dinner with a friend I offered to show him the house.  Didn't have my camera with me, so these are from the iPhone.

So this is truly the last post for about a week, unless the PM sends some pictures worth posting, TBD.

Topsoil layer added to back & most of the front.  Also rest of front porch looks like it went in today.

Excited to see the rest of the marble & fireplace trim in.  Looks great!  Looking forward to the carpet going in as well.  Think we made some good choices there.

"Standard" Ryan Home's Chandelier.  Will suffice, not worth spending those dollars with the builder.

Picture sucks, sorry. I really like the fixture they put in for our dinette. Also looks like the trim people did a lot more work, finishing the remaining window sills and the supports for the breakfast bar.


  1. Looking good my friend! =) Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Enjoy your vacay! Everything looks great! We have the same fireplace and I think it looks great! :)