Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sheet Rock Update

Went up today and took a look around.  The sheet rock looks like it got it's final coat today.  I know very little about this process other than there will be multiple coats and it get's smoothed out, hiding the seams.  My construction friend was impressed by the work and looked for imperfections, said it looked really good.

Inside the garage, were a lot of new supplies:  Floor / Window trim etc, Cabinets, Bathroom Sinks, Railings

Whole bunch of other stuff, but I wasn't going to go through it.

Couple items have progress.  The egress window was filled in and given it's ladder.  Looks like they're getting ready to put in the cement in for the front porch / step.  Probably won't be making the daily trip up there going forward, maybe only 2x a week for now, until they lock me out!


  1. Sounds like your trim package dropped. And once it's in and installed, you'll most likely be locked be out.

    Sounds like it all progressing nicely!

  2. It sounds like we are in about the same spot. They finished up our drywall and started to prime over the weekend. It is our understanding that they were to start the trim today. We were going out to our site about every other day, now it is about every 3 days or just on the weekends. We miss seeing the progress...not it appears to slow down even though they are doing so much in one day.

    Thanks for sharing...we love reading your blog.