Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Siding Started

Was surprised to see the siding started this week.  It's scheduled to be finished by Friday.  The neighbor to the right settles this week, the PM wanted it complete so the neighbor doesn't have that going on next to their house they just settled into.  Make's sense.

Most if not all the issues brought up in the pre-drywall meeting have been corrected.  The biggest concern I had was the main beams, and that was fixed.

Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing & Guardian have completed their respective areas.  Insulation scheduled for Friday.

If you look close, the exterior garage lights were placed flush against the door trim.  Every other house on the block has them centered on the section of framing, but mines off.  I brought this up to the PM and he said he will have it corrected prior to the siding going up.  Good to know he's correcting the issues I bring to him.


  1. I love the color of your siding!!

    I did zoom in on your last pic and I can see what you mean. It's good to know he's on top of it all! =) As my PM put it today, houses are built by men. They are going to have mistakes. As long as he does his job right, and we all keep vigilance over our homes, we should all end up with beautiful homes!

  2. You guys are about a week ahead of us - we are Maryland residents building in Russett Farms, Pa. We are so excited - I love your updates because we can only get there on weekends, I look at your pics and you guys are building exactly what we are - we didn't get the morning room either (just 2 of us and there was already tons of space) but we did get the finished basement. We went with elevation c - with stone and the loft. We are thinking of a stamped concrete patio though and we are trying to determine how many steps we will need. Looking at your pics are great!! I am so excited :):) We have our per drywall meeting on Monday.

  3. I really like your siding color it is really nice!