Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garage Lights Fixed

Yesterday, I had noticed that the exterior garage lights had not been centered yet.  In our walk-through, the PM said the electrician would move them.  They hadn't been moved and they now had wiring through them, suggesting that the electrician wasn't planning on centering them.  The only reason I know (or think I know) they should be centered is because every other house on the block has them that way and not up against the trim.

So I texted the PM about it because the siding is going up tomorrow.  I later noticed the same issue on the rear light mount.  This morning, I got pictures from the PM of the mounts on the front and the back corrected.  The rear had siding up already, and that will likely get fixed today.  Either way, I'm pleased that our PM was so responsive and communicated with visuals that it was fixed.  Kudos to Ryan homes and our PM.


  1. Good to hear your PM is on the ball. Our's is doing a great job and he will quickly be up to a 4th home to keep track of.

  2. Good catch! You can even see from the stock picture you have up that they are supposed to be centered.