Monday, July 25, 2011


No pictures this post, sorry about that!  But not much to show from a progress standpoint.  The insulation for the entire house was installed in less than a day.  They were out there at 7am putting it in and were done before 3pm.  According to our PM, they brought an extra helper to get it done faster.  With the heat wave we're enjoying, I can't blame them.

Inspections today and sheet rock the rest of the week.  When I stopped by Sunday, I met our next door neighbor.  They settled on Friday, even gave me a tour of their new place.  We made about 95% of the same decisions.  The only thing they had that I sortof regret (or may not have even known about) is the under-cabinet lighting.  It's a really nice touch, he was saying at night they turn them on and it's great ambient light.

Of the 7 houses in construction (three of which just settled in the past 2 weeks), 5 of them have either just got married, are getting married or close to it.  In fact, our neighbor down the street settled two weeks ago and went off to get married this last Saturday!  They hadn't planned it that way, they were the 1st in the neighborhood and had multiple delays.   Everyone we've met to this point has been very friendly.  I'm glad it's a young neighborhood so when we do start having kids, they'll have kids of their age on the block.  One thing you can't guarantee when buying resale.

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  1. Yeah for new neighbors. We will be the old farts of the neighborhood, but EVERYONE we have met so far is awesome. Glad you threw that out there about the under cabinet lighting. It does add a nice look and most of the model homes have it, but it is not as noticeable when you are in there in the daylight hours. We even added it to the bar in the basement.