Friday, July 15, 2011

Pre-Drywall / Guardian Meeting

Today was our pre-drywall walk through with the project manager.  Framing is complete, mechanical has begun.  The duct work was about 1/2 way complete and the plumbing started yesterday.  Next week is electrical, security, audio etc with insulation at the end of the week, possibly early following week.

A general walk through the house.  I pointed out several issues I noticed:

  • Wall Studs off line or twisted - PM states that the framers will be back to fix any issues like this as well as add additional support where necessary.
  • Sub-floor - Couple places where the floor pieces come together arn't in alignment.  This will be ground down prior to flooring installation.
  • Main support beam - Ran out of metal shims and used a block of wood.  This will be fixed when the framers come back, probably ran out of metal shims.  Should be a quick fix, doubt it will pass code inspection if not fixed.

Picked out the location of our security system keypads, Cable / Data / Phone outlet locations.  Several cable outlets were strategically placed on walls adjoining rooms that could easily get an outlet after the fact.  We also chose the locations for the 2 security motion detectors.  With the egress window in the basement, we are contemplating adding a 3rd motion detector to cover the basement.

Other than that, I believe siding goes up next week as well, so look forward to pictures of that soon!


  1. Huh. Our pre-drywall was AFTER all that. We noticed a few missing outlets too. If possible, see if you can find out when drywall is scheduled to be put up, and make it out there a day or 2 before that to double check and make sure everything is as it should be.

    But overall, it sounds like it went really well! Just wait until the walls are up! lol After that, it goes more slowly. You have more inspections, cabinets, paint, flooring, fixtures...takes time. lol

    Glad it went well!

  2. We are building in Pa. and we are building a Milan as well. We have our pre-drywall meeting on Monday - We are sooo excited :)

  3. We are building at Russett Farms.

  4. It sounds like all is going well and you are on top of things. We agree with Noey, make sure you go back out and look over each room to make sure you got everything you were supposed to. It is easier to fix the earlier you find it. We just had our pre-drywall meeting as well. We were missing a few outlets as well and we had the PM add a few outlets that we forgot about. We even caught a mistake with the framing of the pantry, bathroom rough-in, and the powder room located in the basement.

    Thanks for sharing and we look forward to following you through the rest of your journey.

  5. Congratulation, you home looks great. We are also building Milan in Columbus Ohio, We have been using your blog home pictures to get an idea and it was very helpful because there are no Milan model built near us.
    Just want to check with you and see if your MAIN SUPPORT BEAM was fixed immediately after you reported it. Did they replace block of wood with masonry material or metal shims. We have outer wall and roof done and we are 2 more weeks away from pre-drywall meeting, right now they are doing plumbing.
    I have been taking help with one Home Structural Inspector to review the photos and he said wooden block is no no, need to replace it with masonry material or steel material.
    I have sent email to Project Manager and it's been 24 hours and I have not heard back from him.
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Even a picture of the Support Beam would help me.


    1. I honestly can't remember the timeline of the beam being fixed, but it definitely was. I added a picture (in the post above) of the beam on the shims. It has since been covered with insulation, drywall etc. You're lucky I took pictures of everything!

      My recollection of the beam issue was that I was concerned about it, the PM wasn't but when I spoke with the township inspector as well as another general contractor, they stated that the shims would be added and that is standard procedure before they move along with other aspects of the home.

      I would mention it to your PM, and follow up before the next major phase is completed, but looking back it's normal procedure the way they did it.

  6. Thanks so much for your quick response with photo.
    I will definitely contact PM again and will make sure that shims are added.
    Have a wonderful day!