Sunday, September 25, 2011

Egress Wildlife Preserve

This morning, while putting grass seed in sparse sections I noticed the grate over the egress window wasn't fully over the covering.  No problem, just slide it a few inches in place right?  Before I did so I noticed a small toad, we'll call him Mr. Toad, trapped in the egress window opening.  I went back into the basement, opened the window and removed the screen for the egress window.  Mr. Toad let me pick him up and put him in the grass a few feet above.  I slid the grate back in place (only off a few inches), replaced the screen and locked the window.

Fast forward to this evening, I figured I would double check that nothing was down there, sure enough Mr. Toad was back in the egress window.  Before I opened the window, I saw something else move!  This was a slightly smaller toad, her name is Mrs. Toad.  I repeated the rescue only this time left the screen off the window expecting my new pets to want more attention!

Anyone else have any critter issues in their egress window?  A few months prior, my wife was in the model where she rescued (not my word) two mice by putting the grate in at an angle.  She didn't have to touch them to free them.


  1. aw! We have no basement, but we definitely have an issue with crickets in the house. At least 5 a week, no lie. My neighbors have the same issue. Unfortunately for the crickets, I have a strict policy against bugs in the house. Outside is their house, I will leave them be. But inside is my house. Once they come in, they don't leave alive.

  2. If these houses are supposed to be tightly sealed up (largely because of the Energy Star thing), how are the crickets getting in?

  3. There are plastic covers you can get for the egress window that are fairly cheap.

    I agree, how are the crickets getting in, but my guess would be around the garage door or along a pipe or wiring. You may want to go around to where pipes or wires come into the house and put some spray foam around the openings.

  4. SCJ: That's what I want to know. I think it's fireplace maybe??