Monday, September 19, 2011

Pre-move Projects

I wanted to apply the Quikrete Epoxy to the garage floor prior to the actual move.  I figured it would make more sense to do it before the garage was full of clutter.


Wall Prep - Ryan Homes does not finish off their garage space.  They do put up drywall with a simple one-coat tape seam.  But this seam is not the same 'clean' look you would see inside the house.  This meant applying at least one coat of joint compound (Spackle) to the walls and ceiling.  I didn't bother doing the ceiling mostly due to lack of ambition.  This was easy to sand down before applying primer.

Primer - Never underestimate how much primer you will need for fresh drywall.  For a two-car garage (walls & ceiling) I used 3.5 gallons of paint.  I thought 2 would do the trick but made 2 trips back to Lowes for more primer.  Painting the ceiling was without a doubt the hardest part.  I went through 2 roller cages using the 6-ft extension pole.

Paint - After going through the ceiling primer, I decided it looked good enough that I wouldn't put a color on the ceiling.  Instead I used simple contractors grade interior latex "Off White".  This went on fairly easily and I used just under 3 cans worth.  I ended up returning the 4th can.

Floor Epoxy Prep - Swept out the garage floor and hosed it down with water.  Combined the "Bond Lock" chemical to the floor and essentially just scrubbed it in with a tough-bristle floor brush (small broom).  I tried to get as much of it out of the garage as possible because I wanted to epoxy the next morning.  I didn't, but a squeegee would have been helpful.  Just using the brush, I was able to get enough out for it not to puddle so it could dry overnight.

Floor Epoxy Application - The epoxy kit comes with the actual 'epoxy' as well as a smaller can of hardener.  You have to mix the hardener in the epoxy and stir for 3 minutes.  Then close the can and sit it out in the sun for 30 minutes.  Then take a 2-3 inch roller and paint the trim as well as any joints.  Once that's done, I used a regular roller cage and began in 3x3 sections.  After each section I would sprinkle the texture / paint chip things to give it that cool look.  The application was not hard, although the 1st can became very thick towards the end and if I waited much longer, would not nave been able to apply it.  The 2nd can remained the same consistency. Will post pictures late.

Utility Sink - During moving day, my friend (who is also a contractor) went to task at installing a utility sink in the garage.  It took him about 5 hours total.  He tapped into the wall adjacent to the powder room and used the hot / cold lines for the powder room sink.  I believe he had to run a drain into the basement but he said it was simple.   He then replaced the insulation & drywall, applied joint compound and attached the sink.

Laundry Room

Goal was to point the walls prior to moving day so we wouldn't have to paint around the large appliances.  We picked a light blue (almost powder blue) to the walls.

I also have a pair of white cabinets to put over the washer / dryer but haven't had the time to put them up yet. Will post pictures once this room is complete.

Ceiling Fans / Lights

My other friend hung the 2 ceiling fans we have bought ahead of time.  He put them in the Family Room as well as the Owners Bedroom.  We wanted to replace the standard Ryan Homes fixtures (the ones with the basic dome).  Lowes has 2 for $20 Portfolio lights that replace these.  I've only got around to changing 2 of 6.

Fish Move

The fish were moved on Thursday.  Their new home has two separate window views.  We have about 10 fish.  Unfortunately our Panda Cory Catfish did not survive the 1st night after the move.  Moving fish is extremely stressful for the fish and this stress can often kill the fish.  Hopefully I won't lose any more, I should know after a week if the rest will make it (they should).


  1. Would love to see the pictures of the epoxy floor when it is finished. I have been thinking of doing the same thing...just don't know if there is time in our schedule...we have so much going on those first few days...I know...I know...I know...should do it first thing or it may never ever get done :(

  2. @BD me too me too! I would love to see pictures! We are thinking of doing the same

  3. I will be posting pictures of the epoxy & garage once I get better control of everything going on in there. We have a couch and pool table (disassembled) in there as well as the mess from the move. Once I get things straightened out, I'll put up some nice pictures.

    Regarding the epoxy, I highly recommend it, but get it tinted at Lowes and get colors other than white. I thought I had it tinted an off-white, and it just looks white to me. If I could do it again, I would go with a blue or beige. Not so close to white. The sprinkle chips really bring it to life as well. Highly recommend. Pics coming, I promise!