Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting things in the Basement

This question is for the Milan owners out there.

Have any of you been able to get a couch into the basement?  I was unable to get a 3-cushion couch downstairs because of the angles / lower ceiling in the mudroom.  We also have a pool table that could not be taken into the basement due to the size.  The egress window isn't even close in size.

At this stage, I'm looking at disassembling the entire table, taking it down piece by piece and reassembling it in the basement.  Does anyone have any advice?


  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry. I wish I had some advice out there. But we don't have a basement. Disassembling the pool table may be your only option (however I hear they "should" be reassembled professionally). As for the couch, not sure what you can do. Can you remove the handrail? Will that give you more room to move the couch?

  2. The width of the stairwell is actually pretty wide. Not quite as wide as the 2nd level stairs, but still a little wider than a normal stair.

    Removing the hand-rail wouldn't help us because we couldn't even get the pool table at an angle that it could go down the stairs. We could get it in the kitchen but that's it. Trying to get it into the powder room didn't work because there just isn't enough room. The ceiling in the mudroom is lower there than the rest of the 1st floor, so we can't walk it into the house head-to-toe. I think we're going to study the table and see what will be involved in taking it apart. It is a 'classic' Valley Pool table, so we might be able to spruce it up and sell it. Then I could buy a new one that would assembled in the basement. Thinking out loud at this point!

  3. Take a look at the back of the couch...some of them will actually have a removable back...rare unless it has recliners built into it, but I have seen at least one non-recliner that had a removable back...or if you are close sometimes there are legs that will unscrew...sometimes you may also be able to take the arms off if they are held on with have to get up into the inside of the couch to see how it is assembled.

  4. Without mangling the couch, it won't come apart, definitely not a reclining model with a removable back. I'm not overly upset about the couch. It's something we will probably donate.

  5. The pool table shouldn't be that tough at all. I have friends that disassembled and moved a pool table into a VERY low clearance basement. They leveled it and re-felted it themselves and I couldn't believe they did it themselves - looks great.

    I'm finding that I need to buy a lot of things that were unexpected (shelves, knobs, storage things...) and its adding up. I'm starting to regret my packing mantra "This goes to the curb - I'll buy a new one!"

    But of course, if you were looking to upgrade, this is a great excuse to do it!

  6. Ravenna - I agree that a typical pool table should be relatively easy. We did take the legs off as well as the slate. It is still over 1.0ft tall. This particular table can not be further disassembled without damaging it (removing nails / cleats etc). Also, if it gets knocked out of squareness, it will never be the same.

    I have to sell this one and try to get one that comes in pieces :(

  7. Good to know. We have a professional grade pool table that we will be moving. I am tempted to hire the local billiards store to come and move it and set it back up again. Our basement won't be finished so we aren't in a hurry to have it put back together, I just don't want to have to deal with re-felting it. I think we can get the legs off ours and it is a three-piece slate so if we absolutely have to take it apart then it will be easy to get down the stairs or through the back door.

    Not sure about the sofa. We had a problem in our last house getting a queen size box spring up the stairs - ended up putting a 2 inch gouge in the ceiling getting it up the stairs. We left it in the house when we moved and told the new owners that they can keep it or they would have to break it apart to get it back down. I think they ended up keeping it since they wouldn't be able to get theirs up the stairs either.

    Good luck!