Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Final PM Progress Update?

My little timer says that it's one week before closing.  Unreal!  I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories (for better or worse) and I can't believe mine is almost here.

Spoke with our PM last night.  The saturation from the rain will do our soon-to-be lawn very well, unless it rains so hard the seed stuff just rinses away!  It should be fine.  The cleaners were in the house yesterday and are finishing up.  Today they will be power washing the garage floor.  My PM mentioned that if I had any plans to paint / treat the floor, do it ASAP while the floor is nice and clean.  I'm just glad he's power washing it, will make the prep stage much easier.  Since our walk-through is on Friday, I guess that was the final update call.

My upstairs neighbors continue to remind me why I'm moving.  Woke up to children crashing around the floor and stomping (literally STOMPING) around.  Just when you think you're getting used to it I'll hear what seems to be like a bomb exploding, then comes the screaming.  It's like clockwork.

Another reminder that the town I live in is a crap-hole was my trip to Home Depot to pick up the "In Stock Cabinets" for 20% off.  I can understand being sold out of them, but they didn't even stock the white "In Stock Cabinets".  I had to go to the next home depot about 6 miles away which is much bigger and better.  I usually try to avoid the local Home Depot (or any HD for that matter) because they almost never have what I need.  Luckily the new house is literally a quarter mile from Lowes.

Will let you know how the Walk Through goes.  Have my wife, parents & Realtor with us for that.  Five sets of eyes should be good right?


  1. I can't believe you're so close to closing already!! I remember when you started this blog!

    Are you guys excited yet? lol (as if I need to ask)

    WOW! You have crew going to Final Walk-Thru. AWESOME!! Yes, the more eyes, the better. Our realtor was the one who noticed our shelving in the master closets was loose.

    There is a lot to go over at the meeting. How everything works, the warranties, ect. But don't feel rushed! Take your time and look and ask questions. Whatever you can get at 30 day. lol

    Enjoy it! GL!

  2. Closing? Already!? Sheesh!!! I love Ryan and Congrats on your upcoming closing! I absolutely DO NOT miss my old house!!!!! lol GL and you only have 6 days left! You can do it!

  3. I agree with did you catch and pass us so fast...seems like you were just breaking ground the other day. Good Luck with your last week and closing!!!