Monday, September 12, 2011

Closing T-Minus 2 Days

In less than 2 days we will be homeowners.  Since the walk-through I've made 3 trips with carloads of odds & ends type things to store in the garage.  Most of the stuff moved are oblong items (golf clubs, lamps, skis).   When the truck comes next week, I want the packing process to be boxes & furniture as much as possible, hopefully to streamline the process.

Final closing costs received & the wire transferred was sent / received by the mortgage company.

We have received a tremendous amount of rain in the past two weeks, the grass is already starting to pop.  Other than that, since the house is ready there isn't much in terms of progress.  I'll post pictures of my various projects as they come along.


  1. Moving those oddly shaped items yourself is a great idea...assuming your PM is okay with you putting stuff in "your" garage even though it isn't quite "your" garage yet...LOL!!!

  2. Congrats and Good Luck with settlement tomorrow...keep us posted.