Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-Settlement Walkthrough

Today was our final walk-through before settlement this coming Wednesday.  It was the 1st time we saw our house finished.  For the first time, it was cleaned, prepped and ready.  I can't complain at all, our PM did a great job and will be receiving the 10's he strives for (on the Ryan Homes Survey).

There were very few issues.  Couple little areas here and there need to be touched up.  One outlet doesn't sit flush with the wall.  Honestly it was mostly little stuff which was all taken note of to be completed.  We did find out that our over-stove microwave was upgraded (without charge) because GE was out of stock of the model we were supposed to get.  Very happy with that, like an extra bonus!

Stopped by NVR Mortgage to drop off the final piece of documentation and had a nice chat with our Loan Processor.  Our loan is done, she wired the funds for the loan over already and we're essentially done.

I'll keep you posting on Closing as well as the side projects I have planned before the actual move.  It's practically here!!!


  1. Wow. It looks fantastic! I love the hardwood floors. Is that the gunstock or butterscotch color? Good luck with final settlement!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! =D Jealous of your microwave upgrade! lol

    Congrats hon!

  3. Gunstock. The darker 'standard' option. The others looked too light (in my opinion)

  4. It looks fantastic. Jealous of all you guys settling and closing....we are sooooo close, but it seems so far away.

  5. Aww! Congrats! I absolutely love your cabinets and granite countertops--great selection! Your cabinets appear to be cherry bordeaux? Anyway, congrats on your home! Although we are no where near closing, I get hope from the rest of you Ryan home bloggers :)