Saturday, September 24, 2011


Been busy at both work and the house.
  • Garage
    • Walls Finished / Primered / Painted
    • Floor Epoxy Coat completed

    • Utility Sink Installed
      • Installing a splash gaurd soon
    • Garage Door Opener Installed Today
    • Replaced one bulb socket with shop light style 4-ft fluorescent (much better!)
  • Family Room
    • Installed surround-rear in-ceilng speakers.  This was really easy, although very messy (cutting holes in drywall).  I recommend the Polk speakers for this, install and cleanup took maybe 35 minutes for both.
  • Overall
    • I found these neat power outlet / Nightlight things Lowes.  They're about $12.50 each.  They take a normal dual power outlet, and makes the upper outlet a LED nightlight.  I put one in each full bath, the main hallway and downstairs in the living room.  They shut themselves off when they sense light.  Hope they last a long time!  They look cool and make a nice flush setting.
  • New Pool Table!
    • Well sorta.  We're having our new (actually used) pool table delivered and assembled this Wednesday.  The table is about 20 years old but is much more user friendly when it comes to transportation.  Now I just need to get rid of the damn table in the garage
      • PS - Older tables are actually better than newer tables, generally regarding construction and quality.


  1. Ok ok, I updated the post and threw the pics in there. Happy now!?

    JK - Let me know what you all think.

    If I could do the epoxy again, I would have went with a bolder color. Tan = White.

  2. Awesome!!! Love the pics. We may need to get a few of those night lights! lol

    Congrats on the "new" pool table. And yes, the older ones are of better construction and quality!

  3. Looks great! Was wiring the speakers difficult?

  4. I didn't do the wiring myself. I had Guardian run the pre-wire which ran about $240, but well worth it in terms of drywall damage / repair it would take to run them once drywall was up.

  5. have been busy...we picked up one of the nightlight outlets as well and I also got 2 of the timer wall switches for the fan in the master bath and the fan in the basement bath...1 installed and working press the desired time as you leave and when the time expires the fan shuts off automatically. Congrats on the pool table!!!

    The garage looks jealous!!!

  6. What is the benefit of putting epoxy on the garage floor? Just curious!

  7. The main function of the epoxy is to protect the floor. It also makes cleaning much easier. It also looks much nicer.