Monday, October 3, 2011

MIA & Fridge

Sorry I've been MIA.  Been a lot going on just getting back to a normal life.  We're coming along with unpacking.  It's mostly odds & ends left.

Had the pool table delivered on Wednesday, so now I have a new distraction.  Tuesday night, I noticed the temperature in the refrigerator was higher than normal, way higher.  Next thing I knew there was a buzzing noise that sounded like it was the compressor.  I called the GE Applicances hotline that Ryan gives in our homeowners manual.  Since the fridge wasn't cooling, they consider it an emergency and have to have someone there within 24 hours.  A repair man came the next day around 1pm.  He said the board in the fridge was defective and probably never worked.  He ran diagnostics on the board and it came back with a FAIL code of some kind.  Since he wasn't a GE tech, he had to special order the part and would come back to install.

He defrosted the fridge and got it working for the short term.  He said the root problem isn't solved yet but this should buy us a few days.  Since then the fridge has been fine, but apparently still can't regulate itself because of this defective board.  We only lost a little bit of food that couldn't handle being defrosted.  Hopefully it's fixed and we're good to go.


  1. When it comes to fridges, I refuse to have anything to do with GE. Every GE fridge I've ever used seems to have this problem where it periodically heats everything in the freezer section, thus ruining it.

    We currently live in an apartment that has a GE fridge, and we cannot use the freezer compartment at all. About twice a day, the rear of the compartment heats up to the point where it will melt plastic if it is near the back.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your fridge. =(

    I am happy to hear about the pool table though! Man I wish we had one. lol