Friday, October 21, 2011

Workbench Project Complete

There's a catch when building a workbench, you don't have a workbench to build a workbench on!  Luckily I have a miter saw which got me through most of the base.  A home-made jig helped me make straight cuts for the shelves and I was able to borrow a table router from a friend (for the joinery).

The video explains very well and provides a PDF plan (free) which helps in planning the project.  The bench-top is two pieces of MDF laminated together with wood glue, then mounted with screws.  The joinery of the general structure is my favorite part of this bench, you wouldn't believe how rock solid it is.  The stretchers each have threaded rod through them which creates tremendous strength in the base.

I couldn't find the type of clips the video used to mount the top so I changed the plan.  Before lamination, I attached the bottom piece (of the bench top) with counter-sunk screws to the base.  In total, there are about 12 screws holding the bottom piece to the base.  I then followed the rest of the lamination instructions and had no issues completing the project.  The only downside of this is that the top is now permanent, I don't see it coming apart to have a new top put on.  If I do have to replace the top at some point, my plan is to just add another sheet of MDF, remove the screws, and use a longer screw to mount the new piece.  I can't see being necessary for many years if ever.

Further diverting from the plan, I attached a bench vice from my Grandfather's work shop.  He would be proud I built this and appreciative that I am using his tools in the process.  I would have loved to use the type from the video, but I didn't feel like spending $90 on it AND I didn't build this for "Fine Woodworking"... It's a workbench.

Free Plan & Instructional Video -

I will be mounting pegboard above the bench to better manage tool storage.  I found a 100-piece peg-hook kit on ebay for a reasonable price.


  1. nice bench! Like you, I need a good, solid bench so that I can move on to other projects. I like your design, I have come up with an almost similar design. Looking forward to starting.

  2. look who's been busy! It looks great!

  3. can you teach my husband to make one?

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