Friday, October 28, 2011

Garage Shelves

Another project down!  Below are pictures of the garage shelves I built this week.  I used the same type of lumber and design concept as the workbench so they actually look similar.

In the pictures below you can also see the pegboard & shelf above that.  I finally have usable space in the garage and can start the process of properly storing a lot of our 'stuff' that's been on the floor since the move. Let me know what you think.  Next project is basement shelves (completely different design)

  • Specifications
    • Ceiling Height: 10'
    • Shelf Dimensions: 2D x 4W x 8H
    • Legs
      • Kiln Dried 4x4x8 (actually measures 3.5)
      • Left side has 3" cut off to accommodate concrete lip on floor
    • Stretchers: Kiln Dried 2x4x8
    • Joinery
      • Side-to-Side
        • Rows 1 & 3: 5/16 Threaded rod
        • Rowes 2 & 4: 5/16 dowels glued
      • Front-to-Back:
        • Rows 1 & 3: 5/16 dowels glued
        • Rowes 2 & 4: 5/16 Threaded rod
    • Shelves: 3/4' MDF Board
    • Attached to wall studs with 5/16 x 5 lag bolts 


  1. looks great! I am looking into running a shelf at 7 to 8 feet up along one or two garage walls. utilize some space that is rarely used.

  2. It looks did an excellent job...I am sooo jealous...I don't have the energy or patience to do that stuff any more, but your's looks wayyyy better then anything you can buy!!!

  3. If there is a hurricane or tornado, I'm going to hide under the shelf!

  4. A noble effort indeed. What makes this blog so relevant is that it doesn't have to be a sub woofer that someone is dealing with. This method applies to anything that might be 100+ pounds with these similar dimensions. Who knows how many back's and ego's you have saved. The world is indebted to you my kind sir. northwest house plans