Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Basement Shelving (Mechanical Room)

Who doesn't need more storage space?  The design was from a friends who did something similar.

I took two 4x8 sheets of MDF, built a frame around them.  Also built smaller supports in the middle to keep the middle from sagging (picture 3).  Support posts are designed to basically set the framed shelving on top of it.  The load bearing portion of the shelving is bolted tight with the frames resting on the bolted supports.  The posts are simply screwed into the frame to hold the whole thing together.  I could put another bolt in but that would probably be overkill.

As you can see the design is very simple and very large.  The 1st shelf is 2ft off the ground and the top shelf is 5ft.  This two 3ft tall storage areas and the lower section will be for storage bins.  If there is flooding, the bins on the floor stand a chance and everything above should be fine regardless.  I'm not expecting to get flooded out, but who knows anymore.

Future plans are for smaller shelves in the other unfinished portion of the basement.  We have a freezer there now and unorganized storage on the floors.


  1. nice, I like it! very simple and easy to execute.

  2. I forgot to mention. I built the frames and supports in the garage. Brought them into the basement separately and joined it together in place.

    Be careful because it is fairly difficult to get that big a sheet down into the basement. Through the debacle of the original pool table, we knew the sheet of 4x8 slate made it down, so the framing shouldn't be a problem. It was a close fit but was able to do it. The sheer weight made it difficult. Do not attempt alone.

  3. They look sturdy! Love it! And thanks for the warning!

  4. Great job!!! Oh to be young again. I have gotten too old for all that. We went to Lowes and got a bunch of their 6ft high 5 shelf units and have them all around the permitted of our utility/storage area. You did a great job with yours and thanks for sharing the details.

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