Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Water Issues (Follow up)

What's up party people?  Here are the updates on the water issues as well as some other neighborhood stuff.

Water Issues Continued...

Dishwasher - I took your advice and ran an empty load with a cup of vinegar.  This seems to have done the trick and the dishes are coming out clean again.  Thanks for the advice!  I was chatting with our PM today and the dishwasher came up, he told me about a product that accomplishes the same goal of removing the hard water deposits under an empty load.  I would like to find out what this is because I read other responses saying that vinegar isn't good for the dishwasher plumbing long term.  The other option would be a whole-house hard water treatment system, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Aquarium - Leaving the light off for a few days started clearing the water, but it doesn't do much good to have a dark aquarium 24x7.  Anyway, the UV Sterilizer came on Friday and it's been chugging for about 4 days now.  It is making a clear difference.  While the water isn't crystal clear yet, I can see to the back and see the fish.  The tank could use a good cleaning again so that's coming.  Found the sterilizer on eBay for about $25+Shipping.  Satisfied with it so far.

Radon Pipe - The idea from the Foundation Restoration people was to core a new pipe, move the pipe over & seal off the old one with cement.  Since the pipe is near the sump ditch, he wants to try drilling a hole from the pipe to the sump to relieve the pressure and send the water directly to the sump.  Another theory is that the water is coming from above where the radon pipe exhausts from the house.  We'll see how this latest theory goes.

Water Meter Leak  - Few days ago, we found a small puddle in the basement by the water meter.  So we called the customer service line, they sent a plumber out who knew instantly that the meter itself was leaking.  The township provides the meters so it would have to be fixed once they got the meter.   This has since occurred and the new meter appears to be happy

Association News

We received a letter from our Associations management company.  Since 25% of the community has settled, it is time for one of the owners to take one of the 3 spots on the HOA board.  I responded that I was interested and was the only one.  My wife and I were the only homeowners to attend the meeting.  Met the developer and a rep from the management company.  I'm not officially on the board, which won't have another meeting until 75% of the homes have settled, then the other 2 seats will be taken by homeowners.  Other than that, not much to do.


  1. Glad everything seems to be getting fixed! =)

    Wow! I can't believe you guys were the only ones to go the meeting! That's crazy! I think here just about everyone will show and then there will be a fight to the death for seats. lol We'll see. I hate politics, so I'm out! lol

    Hope you get it! You seem to look good for it.

  2. Haven't read all your posts yet but would be interested to hear if there are updates regarding the radon pipe water issue. Regardless of where the water is coming from it is not a good thing to have water in a pipe which is there to carry radon gases out of the house. I do not know if those gases will perculate though the water and escape but I do know that it is definitely not a good idea to have the radon pipe draining into the sump pump. There would be nothing to keep the radon from following that path too. I know with our home and probably yours the radon pipe is installed just in case but what if just in case happens.

  3. It appears the water from the radon pipe was coming from above. Once this was addressed they were able to seal the bottom part and it has been dry since.