Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Siding Color

The only thing we knew for certain is that our next door neighbor had sandstone and we wouldn't be able to pick that as a color.  Meg & I drove back up to the established development of Ryan homes and started looking around.  We didn't want anything too light (White or Cameo) and not too dark like Khaki.  While driving around, we met one of the owners who moved in January.  She pointed out the darker colors (like her Khaki) shows lumps / bumps more than the lighter colors.  Even from the car, we could see uneven patches that looked lumpy on her house.

Anyway, the main purpose of this trip was to get a better idea of what 'Tan' looked like.  We took some pictures and decided that either Tan or Taupe would be OK.  Neither were perfect, but we were ok with them. 

The lot to the right of ours was sold before us, so we had to avoid the color siding they chose.  Meg didn't want the same color shutters as well, so I emailed the rep at Ryan Homes.  He provided us with the updated elevation tracking.  So our surprise, our neighbor had changed their color to Khaki.  This means we can have the sandstone we wanted all along!

I've switched the picture on the blog to generally what we're getting.  Milan: Elevation C All Siding.  The picture shows partial stone, but it's the best I could find.


  1. It's going to be beautiful!!

    I hope you got a discount on Elv. C. It was my understanding that most of the cost lie in the stone/brick work. If it's all siding, did you get to pay a little less?

  2. I believe there is a premium cost for Elv. C (compared to A & B) but you're right, by removing the partial stone there was a lower cost than what was previously selected. There will also be a stone table on the entire front of the house (standard) so we're still getting some stone, just wasn't worth the cost for the 'partial'.