Monday, May 2, 2011

Flooring & Design Center

Santa Lucia Granite
From the agreement, we have 30 days to make all of our selections.  This includes the following:

  • Selections:
    • Interior - Carpet, tile, hardwood, cabinets, counter top, fixtures, fireplace
    • Exterior - Color Scheme (Siding, trim, shutters)
    • Electrical - Meeting with Guardian for security system, cable, phone, internet wiring.
We had our meeting with the Design Center last week.

  • Kitchen / Mudroom / Powder Room
    • Countertop - Everyone and their brother has a suggestion for what kind of counter top to get.  We're going with a lighter granite pictured here.  
    • Cabinets - We're going with darkest cherry option.  When we saw them at the model, we were blown away.
    • Flooring - This is still an open topic.  We originally wanted hardwood but we started to hear that you can scratch, wear-out and damage hardwood flooring.  Megan wanted tile in the mudroom (which is a custom change).  So now we're going to head back to the Design Center to look at the tile again for the floors.  
Cherry Cabinets w/ Santa Lucia Granite
Note: The kitchen picture is one I found online that happened to have the combination of materials we're going with.  This was not provided by Ryan.  I'm hoping it looks this good!  The only difference I see is that we will not have a tile backsplash, we want to do that on our own down the road.

SD91 - Alabaster Sands
  • Living Room / Dining Room / Foyer & Hall
    • All hardwood flooring with the color Gunsmoke
  • Owner's Bath
    • We're going with DalTile SD-91 Alabaster Sands pictured on the right.  The accent tile used in the picture is not what Ryan offers.  We're going with a more simple accent tile.
  • Hall Bath
    • Basic white with a vine listello at eye level. 
  • Laundry
    • Same as owners bath, but this only on the floor.
  • Siding
    • Still undecided, we like the Sandstone but can't pick it due to one of our surrounding neighbors already has it.  We're looking into "Tan" but want to see a sample before selecting it.
Next: Meeting with Guardian


  1. I can't wait until you post pics!! I'm so jealous of your bathroom!! =)

    We picked the St. Cecelia granite. It's light colored as well.

    Congrats! Your home sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

  2. I must have messed up in the post, we picked the St Cecelia for the kitchen. So many colors I've getting confused!

    As far as the tile, pick your favorite beige!

  3. Awesome choice for the kitchen. We have the same combination. Love your other choices and you are sooo's either beige, dark beige, or light beige.

  4. Thank you for this information. I messaged another post on your blog before finding this page :). I have my meeting with the flooring team 2moro HERE IS THE KICKER... its by skype because I currently live in CA and building in MD. scary. Let me just say so far not getting an easy feeling when the office assistance don't return calls and never completely reads my emails to understand what I'm asking. Lets see how 2moro goes. deep breath.

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