Friday, March 29, 2013

Backsplash Installation

Hey everyone, it's been since July since I last posted so I apologize for that.  I guess I'm finding many of the projects I'm doing a little too standard to bother posting them.  Have some stuff on the horizon so I'll try to keep everyone in the loop.

We are finally getting around to painting the first floor, so we decided it would be a good idea to put the back splash in before we painted.  I will forego posting the pictures of the many options we considered and skip to what we actually did.  One of the biggest considerations when choosing the tile is that the grout completely changes the look.  Look online for sample kitchens with similar colors to yours before going ahead with it.  We would buy 10 sheets at a time, put them against our color scheme and rule them out one by one.  It was tedious but we wanted to be sure.  Lowes was great about returning them, just don't mess up the packaging.

One of the reasons I'm specifying granite & cabinet types is so that hopefully these pictures will come up in a Google Search when people are looking to do something similar.  I found it difficult to find good pictures as samples online.  You can also tell how the same tile looks entirely different depending on the lighting.
  • Materials & Colors
    • Granite - Santa Cecilia
    • Cabinets (Timberlake)
      • Style - Wyoming Square
      • Color - Cherry Bordeaux
    • Applicances - GE Profile Stainless Steel
    • Back-Splash
12"x 14" Cranberry Glass Stone Strip Mosics before Installation

The Kitchen before Backsplash
Cranberry Glass Stone Strip Mosaics
Cranberry Glass Stone Strip Mosaics Closeup
Images from the tile packaging:
12"x 14" Cranberry Glass Stone Strip Mosics (Sample image from package)

12"x 14" Cranberry Glass Stone Strip Mosics (Package Barcode)


  1. Wow! It's beautiful! I can't wait to see the paint colors too. Nice!

  2. Those are my colors too. I love it! Thanks...I may have to copy since you already did all the work...thx!!

  3. Great job! I'm looking forward to reading about more of your projects :) I can't wait to tinker in my home when it's completed.


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  5. I really liked what you did with your kitchen it looks great. I would like to know what color and brand of paint you used on the walls

    1. Lowes: valspar Signature Paint & Primer
      Swatch: 2008-10B Desert Fortress
      Texture: Satin

  6. We are building a Milan in Maryland. The kitchen looks so much better with a backsplash. We are going to put the backsplash in ourselves. Looks good. Thanks for the pictures!