Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basement Shelves II

Sorry I've been away so long, lot going on!  My wife asked me for more shelves in the basement.  The pantry in the kitchen was quickly filled to capacity and we need more bulk food storage.

  • Design Notes
    • Top and Bottom Shelf
      • 3/4 in MDF w/ framing
      • 2x8 ft
    • Middle Shelves
      • 7/8 in Fiberboard w/ framing
      • 2x4 ft
    • Supports
      • Right: 2x4's
      • Left: Studs on back side of finished portion of basement
  • Usage
    • Top & Bottom shelves fit standard bins for normal basement storage.
    • The 3 smaller shelves on the left are for food surplus such as cans
    • The open section on the right is good for bulk storage such as a dog crate or stacked bins.  I can always build in the same premise as on the left if needed, but this is good for now.


  1. Very nice. I will be posting pics of the shelving unit i am building. Should be done the weekend.

  2. Love the custom work youre doing!
    We've just started building a Ravenna, please add us :)